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Our purpose is what defines us as human beings. Too often, we drift through the various stages of life never truly realizing our fullest potential. We may have big dreams, hopes, and wishes; however, only those who truly follow their purpose and live in it each and every day have an opportunity to achieve purpose-driven results.

I wrote The CORE Method, Guide to Purpose Driven Results because I realized at an early age that my purpose is to serve. I have overcome many obstacles by applying the CORE Method in all that I do. My childhood and early adult stages of life weren’t ideal. I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, where my parents divorced when I was a young child. My mother worked hard to provide, which left a lot of room for me to get involved with the wrong crowd. I eventually dropped out of high school and at the age of sixteen-years-old relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where I endured traumatizing physical and emotional abuse from my significant other at the time. There were many days where I thought my life would come to an end at the hand of my abuser. I had my first child on my eighteenth birthday; I didn’t have any formal education and working retail jobs alongside an abusive living situation was enough for any person to give up on life. 

I eventually moved back home away from my abuser, where I earned my high school education and started my professional career with a Fortune 20 organization. I met my now husband of twenty plus years—who is my soulmate and best friend—and we now have three beautiful sons. My career spanned twenty-four years from the age of nineteen-years-old and was filled with many experiences that developed my skill sets and capabilities. I leveraged my employer’s tuition assistance program and earned my Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Public Administration. I dedicated my career to developing teams and getting results. 

As a servant leader, I stayed true to my mission of connecting people to purpose. This approach resulted in me being a top performer, where I earned several awards for my results and promotions. Connecting people to purpose was the solution to achieving long-term, sustainable results. I eventually left my career to get closer connected to my purpose. 

Today, I am the founder and CEO of The CORE Method LLC, where I specialize in professional development and life coaching services. I work with clients who are also seeking to achieve purpose-driven results. 

Many ask—how did I overcome such obstacles to be the woman I am today? My answer is simple: I leaned into my purpose and got clear about what I wanted for my life; I optimized every opportunity; I reflected on my actions. Most importantly, I mastered the art of execution. 

The CORE Method is how I got my life on track and delivered purpose-driven results. I invite you to take this journey to get connected to your purpose and experience life-changing results.

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